10 Quirky Facts About Valentine’s Day February 05 2014

Valentine's Day Fun Facts & Gift IdeasFebruary 14th is one of the most talked about days of the year, but how much do you really know about Valentine’s Day? We did a little investigating and discovered 10 facts that might surprise you.

Who receives the most Valentines? What’s the worst present to get someone?

Read on to find out!   


10 Quirky Facts About Valentine's Day

    1. Ready for this? Thanks to flowers, dinner and a gift, men typically spend twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day!
    2. Verona, Italy was home to the infamous lovebirds Romeo and Juliet. Every Valentine's Day the city receives approximately 1,000 letters for Juliet!
    3. Remember in Kindergarten when you could actually count your Valentines? Fast-forward twenty years and most people are excited to receive just one! It’s no surprise that teachers receive the most Valentines, followed closely by children.
    4. About 3% of people actually buy a Valentine’s Day present for their pet! A heart-shaped squeaky toy, perhaps?
    5. Men say flowers are the most disappointing gift to receive on Valentine’s Day, whereas women aren’t fans of exercise equipment or gym memberships. (A gym membership, really?). You’re probably better off with one of these gifts instead.
    6. During the Middle Ages, men and women would pin the name of their loved one on their sleeve – hence the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”
    7. Over one billion Valentines are sent worldwide each year! This makes it the second most card-friendly holiday after Christmas.
    8. In the 1800s, doctors advised heartbroken patients to ease their pain by eating chocolate. Today chocolates are one of the most popular gifts received on Valentine’s Day, and they’re still used to help mend a broken heart!
    9. February is the second most popular month to pop the question. The most popular – you guessed it – is December. 
    10. There are dozens of legends surrounding the origin of Valentine’s Day, although few have been proven. A popular embellishment is that St. Valentine of Rome secretly performed wedding ceremonies for love-struck soldiers who were ordered to remain single.

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Will you getting a gift for someone this year? What do you think makes a great Valentine’s Day present? Share with us in the comments!