Ottawa's Top 7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her February 08 2014

Valentine's Day is really about sharing the love you have for a person.  At Givopoly, we love to love... and truly believe gifts can be a great expression of thoughtful intentions.  Here we count down some of our favourite Ottawa Valentine's Day gift picks for 2014.

7. Extraordinary Flowers.  With thousands of flowers circulating throughout the city on February 14th, how do you make your delivery stand out?  Simply choose one of these three Valentine's Day flower arrangements from Flowers Talk and you can rest assured your arrangement will be top choice!


Valentine's Day Flowers 

6. Team Love! We love to surprise and delight people at work.  Red Velvet Cupcakes delivered to the office make a great gift that she can share with colleagues and inspire all kinds of 'what a great guy' feedback.  It's never a bad thing when those around her love you as much as she does!

Red Velvet Valentine's Cupcakes


5.  Opposites Attract:  When your lady love has a refined pallet this Gourmet Oil and Vinegar Sampler Set is a unique Valentine's Day gift idea, featuring 8 50ml bottles from Emulsify.  Grab a baguette and a bottle of wine and indulge in an exotic tasting experience for two.


4.  REAL chocolate truffles!  Chocolate have been synonymous with Valentine's Day for eons now.  Walk the aisles at any box store and you'll find loads of cheesy red hearts filled with 'meh' chocolates.  Don't give her 'meh'! Koko Chocolates will blow her mind.  Each is a work of art and sure to become her favourite chocolate - and yes, they are made locally here in Ottawa!  Tell her you heard they were the best in the city, and I'll bet she'll agree!


Koko Chocolates 

3.  Shower her with attention: Every year polls confirm that ladies love their spas.  The relaxation, the pampering, and walking away all polisthed up - most women truly love every bit of it.  Treat her to a manicure, pedicure, neck and shoulder massage with this Shower Her With Attention gift certificate from The Upkeep Shoppe and she'll also get to take home one of their signature bags of tea.  AND get this?: The Upkeep Shoppe is a unisex spa, with a gender neutral ambiance, so you could turn this into a date experience and treat yourself to a MANicure too.

Valentine's Spa Package


2.  Dinner for two at home.  For many women, there is something super sexy about cooking a romantic dinner together.  Set the mood by surprising her with our Maple Salmon Recipe Gift Box, featuring an original recipe by Paula Roy and local gourmet ingredients.  Add a bottle of Domain Perrault Wine and Renee Yoxon's soothing CD and you'll be scoring huge points for details that ladies appreciate.
Salmon Recipe Gift Box
1.  And our absolute favourite gift pick for 2014 are H'Arts by Alicat Art.  These gorgeous original works of art are hand painted by Ottawa artist Alison Fowler in her Westboro Studio.  Their petite size allows them an affordable way for you to start a beautiful collection.  Each a one-of-a-kind piece, you can start your collection now and add to it every year for birthdays, anniversaries and of course ~ each Valentine's Day!
There are many other great choices for Valentine's Day available at Givopoly.  Click here to browse our full Valentine's Day gift series.