Gifts of Olympic Proportion February 24 2014

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes.  Some of the best gifts in life can't be bought at a store such as the wonderful gift of unity that results from the Olympics.  Sochi 2014 did not disappoint! On Sunday, February 23rd, 2014, Canadians came together in a way so special and rare that it is repeated only once every four years. This is the only time Canadians, no matter their religious or political views, have a single agenda - to witness our country earning Gold. I love what this does to our country. For a brief moment in time you can witness unity chats everywhere; the gas station, grocery store, and via social media. Nobody has to be a hockey fan to participate in this cheering. And even those who are opposed to the Olympic games, and have the Facebook status updates to prove it, set aside their differences for this brief moment as the over-whelming urge to cheer and subsequent pride of winning cannot be denied!  It is a real gift to get to be apart of the happy madness.  Thank you athletes!

Let's do it again in another four years!