Let me paint you a "Chobhi" March 28 2014


Chobhi, meaning picture or photograph in Bengali, is one of the hottest accessories in Ottawa right now.  These beautiful scarves made from eco-friendly and organic fibres have original photographs printed right onto the fabric.  Some pictures, for example the peacock pattern scarf, have even been taken right here in Ottawa!  

Produced and manufactured in India fair trade co-ops, Chobhi enriches the entrepreneurial skills of men and women in India, from the printing process all the way down to the weaving. These exquisite scarves are fit for the finest boutiques, but priced affordably starting at only $52.

Co-founder Tanima Majumdar, is the creative photographer behind this very original process. Her business partner, Ronjiny Basu, is the business mastermind who looks after operations: the ideal blend of skills to run a successful small business.  


Tanima admits that she is a big gift giver herself. "I love giving and surprising people! I always try to find the perfect gift for them.  I like introducing something new I know they will love!  Whether it's a new book for a friend or the latest tech gadget for my husband, I love shopping for others!  When I give a gift, I try to support local as much as possible and usually include something that I have made as well." 


We asked Tanima why Givopoly is ideal for small businesses. Here is what she had to say. 

"Givopoly's online gift and delivery model works so well with us because I am able to keep my inventory on hand. They pick up what they require, which means I can still sell my stock if I need to. It's always a great way to reach out to new customers and expand your clientele. They are bound to see our products online just by selecting the category that we are in, like 'women's gifts' or 'mother's day gifts' for example."


In addition to their gorgeous scarves, Chobhi recently added handmade jewelry to the Chobhi collection available for gifting on Givopoly.  


A unique gift idea for Mother's Day, and at a great price point too!