9 Fun Facts About Easter March 28 2014

Did you know the Easter Bunny has a first name? 

Before you start indulging in a few chocolate eggs, here are 9 fun facts you may not know about Easter!


9 Fun Facts About Easter

  1. Fun Facts About Easter!Easter is the second biggest candy consumption holiday in the world! Halloween (not surprisingly) is the first.
  2. The largest Easter egg ever made weighed 8,968 pounds and was awarded a Guinness World Record! We wonder if anyone got to help eat it?!
  3. The Easter Bunny is first mentioned in German texts from the 1600s and actually has a name – Oschter Haws! He was believed to be a rabbit that lay colourful eggs for well-behaved children. Oschter Haws came to America in the 1700s via Pennsylvania Dutch settlers and evolved into the Easter Bunny.
  4. In Scotland and North East England, it’s a tradition for people to roll painted eggs down steep hills. Sounds fun and possibly a little messy!
  5. In the US, the White House has hosted an annual Easter Egg Roll every year since 1878.
  6. 75% of kids admit they would do more chores in return for Easter candy. Parents, you’re welcome!
  7. The tradition of painting eggs originated in Ukraine, where a beautifully decorated egg is referred to as a pysanka. The term comes from the verb pysaty (meaning to write), because the designs are written onto the eggs using beeswax.
  8. 76% of people say they prefer to eat the ears first on a chocolate bunny. Where do you stand?
  9. In the US alone, 120 million pounds of candy are purchased during the Easter season, including 90 million chocolate bunnies and 16 million jellybeans! 


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