Getting to know ThimbleCakes, more than just Birthday Cupcakes! April 04 2014

Jessica Duffy, ThimbleCakes manager holding a platter of cupcakes and lightly dusted in powdered sugar; the perfect fashion accessory in the biz!


Getting to know ThimbleCakes, more than just Birthday Cupcakes!


We met with Jessica Duffy, at ThimbleCakes in Westboro (co-located with The Candy Store). She handles all events and manages the Bank Street location. You can find the third ThimbleCakes location, also referred to as Thimble Café, in Barrhaven. ThimbleCakes is one of many Givopoly cupcake suppliers in Ottawa.


Established in 2011 by owner Wendy vanVelthoven,Ottawa’s original ThimbleCakes is an organic and allergy friendly bakery. Proud to offer a nut and egg free environment, they also cater to special diets including vegetarian and vegan. Best known for their amazingly delicious cupcakes, ThimbleCakes appeals to everyone’s taste buds… As in, you don’t require a food allergy to be a fan!  ThimbleCakes cupcakes are available for Givopoly gift delivery in a variety of convenient sizes.


Jessica admits, she doesn’t always buy gifts, but when she does, she is pretty good at it. “I love listening to people and paying attention when they drop hints” she said. We agree, that is the best way to buy for someone. The thought only counts, if you have put actual thought into it!


We asked Jessica to tell us why the Givopoly model work so well for small businesses.


The work is done for you. It’s super convenient! We are a small business and busy running the bakery. I just finished packing two Givopoly orders now and it took no time at all.

What’s kind of amazing is that most of our buyers are from out of town, buying gifts for someone who hasn’t tried our baked goods. We have essentially reached out to new customers both locally and externally. Now more people know about our business!

I also love handwriting the special notes that come attached to the gifts. Pet names, inside jokes and funny messages make this an even more special experience for everyone involved.”