5 Ways Local Shops Are Helping the Environment April 21 2014

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today is the perfect occasion to show our love and appreciation for Mother Earth. To celebrate the day, here are a few of the ways shopping local does our home planet a great big favour.

  1. Local products don’t have far to go to reach store shelves – in fact, sometimes they only have to travel a few feet! This means they require less packaging and airplane fuel, which helps keep our planet healthy.
  2. Local stores are awesomely accessible; most people can walk or bike to several neighbourhood shops without venturing too far from home. Not only is this good for your health, but it reduces auto emissions and helps limit pollution.
  3. Local retailers usually set up shop in existing buildings with street parking nearby, so they don’t need to build new structures or parking lots. This reduces habitat loss and protects our greenspace!
  4. Small, local farms are doing wonderful things for our planet. Not only do they use fewer resources, but the techniques they use to harvest the land are growing more eco-friendly every year. Purchasing local produce, meat and dairy keeps these small farms alive so they can keep helping our planet.
  5. Locally grown produce contains fewer pesticides, which can be damaging to the environment and our bodies. Buying local food helps keep the planet – and you! – healthy and chemical-free.


How will you be celebrating Earth Day? Let us know in the comments!