Fast, Flawless and Fabulous ~ Mistura! June 02 2014


We met with Andi and Hayden Marcus, owners of Mistura, an Ottawa based Makeup company that promises to deliver fast and flawless beauty results with only one shade suitable for women of ALL skin tones.  The entire produce line of Mistura is available for gifting on Givoply.


Established in 2007, Mistura is known primarily for their "6-in-1 beauty solution";  pressed compact "magic powder" available in one shade that offers a perfect airbrushed finish every time.  This revolutionary makeup routine, reduced to only 1-minute, combines concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, lip and eye colour all in one. Amazing!  No wonder it's so popular!


Andi confesses that she is more of a "random" gift-giver, in that she doesn't wait for a special occasion to treat someone with the perfect gift.  If she sees that "perfect something", she just has to get it!  Speaking of surprises, Any surprised her husband on his 50th birthday with tickets to Mexico (wow, can we come?). We asked Andi what was the best she ever received, "Definitely the Chopard Star of David pendant my husband got me" she said.


"Normally you can't surprise someone with cosmetics as a gift without them trying it on first.  But you can buy Mistura for anyone because it matches all skin tones.  That's why selling our product on Givopoly makes so much sense.  It's a fun and unique novelty item, perfect for women and men, and at a great price point too!  A lot of our Givopoly clients are buying Mistura for teachers, for Christmas stocking stuffers and of course Mother's Day.  We love being a part of Givopoly because we too are an Ottawa based company that appreciates the local support!"

Whether you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, or want to treat your mommy friend who just had a baby (remember.... look flawless in less than 1 minute!) we truly believe you can't go wrong with Mistura!