How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift December 06 2014

You've decided to send out gifts this season; but how do you choose what to send?  Gift selection is the most stressful challenge of gifting.  Whether your recipient is a business partner or a client sending a thoughtful, useful and memorable gift is always key.

gift boxes with question marks 

Surprisingly enough, pricing is not that important when it comes to gifting.  The best corporate gift that you can give is affordable to you, so do not stress about the price tag.  Instead, here are three rules to follow and your gift will generate returns.

  1. Make sure your gift is thoughtful. Although you may not know your recipient that well, you have established some level of relationship and therefore have probably picked up on a few hints about what they might like.  If you went golfing together last summer, may send a golf-themed gift with a note referencing a laugh that you shared. If you went out for dinner and can recall what they selected to drink (red or white wine?  or was it beer?), perhaps send them a bottle of wine or local craft beer delivery.  Something that makes the recipient realize you care enough to pay attention to what they like will really hit the mark. 
  2. Make sure your gift is useful. Would you want another dust collector? Exactly! Consumables are the easy way to ensure usefulness, but there are many others too if you pause and consider what tools you appreciate on a daily basis.  For example, a hand-crafted, high quality, one-of-a-kind pen is a great example of beautiful practicality that everyone who works in an office can appreciate.  Let's face it, good pens are hard to come by these days.
  3. Make sure the gift is unique. When you send a gift, you have an opportunity to create a memorable experience that reflects you and your corporate brand.  Putting your beautiful logo on a generic coffee mug does not make it unique, in fact, it is likely to end up in the back of the cupboard. (In fact I hardly ever recommend putting your logo on any gift if you want it to have lasting value.) Instead, select small batch unique gifts of high quality (from locally owned shops) and there is a greater chance you are providing a memorable gift experience that will last well into the future.

Being creative with your gifts will ensure your recipient appreciates it just that little more because it is creates a meaningful connection.  If you are looking for a great place to find a large variety of gifts this holiday season, check out our Christmas gift catalogue that is full of thoughtful, useful and memorable gifts from locally owned Ottawa shops or call our gift hotline or email us at and we'll help you out!