5 Reasons To Gift Local August 20 2015

1. The Fresher the Better

Some occasions call for something fresh, but some gifts you just can't send through the mail. If you have ever wanted to mail a cake, fresh fruit, or flowers, you know the feeling. Edible gifts can be great pick-me-ups for anyone feeling 'under the weather' and what is a birthday without cake? Fresh flowers make it easy to make a statement too - whether for romance, appreciation or something else. It's nice to get a little nature in the concrete jungle.

2. Dependability Depends On Where You Ship From

Speaking from experience, gifts sent through the mail aren't always on time. When you buy locally, delivery wait times are one less thing to worry about. And if there is a problem, you can always find out where the gift is. Even better, the turn around time is much shorter.

3. Last Minute Delivery? Yes We Can

Shorter turn around times from ordering to delivery means if you forget to get a gift, you can still get it delivered for next day or even the same day.

4. Local Gift Delivery Is More Flexible

Avoid customs charges and post-office pickups. Gifting local with to-the-door delivery means you have more options. You can deliver to a commercial or residential building, to a hospital, or even a hotel. The recipient may not always be home to receive a delivery, but if you know where he/she will be, it's easier to accommodate with local gift delivery.

5. Supporting Local Business Is Important

When we gift local, we are buying from local stores and supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in our community. They give back to the community and base decisions on local issues. Small businesses also build local character, increase competition, and increase diversity.