Happy Goat Coffee and Givopoly supporting small business. August 09 2013

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes


This here is wisdom for the ages! I will admit that my life revolves around the goodness that is coffee. It’s the smell that makes waking up in the morning worthwhile, gives me the kick I need to get my day started and maybe even a few extra kicks to keep me going throughout! It’s a substance I consider to the likeliness of water, you simply can’t live (or at least function!) without it. Like many people, my love of a delicious well-made cup of coffee runs deep, which is why we at Givopoly are proud partners with Happy Goat Coffee Co., a local Ottawa business who’s passion for coffee is evident with every cup.


Happy Goat Coffee Co. is unlike your other big name coffee stores or brands, as they pride themselves in supporting small-scale farmers from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. In doing so, their coffees have distinct characteristics that appeal to their local ecologies, and supports small farmers that are often put out of business by mass market coffee producers. This allows them to give the small guys a chance while providing Ottawans with deliciously high quality, fairly traded organic coffee. What more could one ask for?


Included in this business’s amazing missions and values, they also excel at teaching their customers about the skills and nuances of brewing that perfect cup of coffee every time. They educate you on the beans, the roasts, the best ways to filter, (have you ever heard of Siphon Filtering? I hadn’t!) and always encourage people to home roast. Long story short- they know coffee! They live and breathe it. Their passion is contagious and so is their product, making an avid coffee drinker hooked with their first sip.


This amazing Ottawa company promotes everything that Givopoly works to do here in Ottawa- support small local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive and compete with the big guys. They give the niche markets a place and a chance. For this, we are proud supporters! So today, we encourage you to help our local competitor in the coffee world and treat the coffee lover in your life to their incredible products. We are positive that after just one cup, you will both be coming back for more! 

Browse Happy Goat here.

By Mary-Anne Diebel.