Dreams Really Can Come True! August 14 2013

As a little girl, I LOVED Disney princesses. I dreamed of my prince charming rescuing me someday, I desperately wished I lived in a castle, and really wanted to go on a magic carpet ride.  I even went through a phase where I would only wear skirts that twirled when I spun around, just like Belle’s from Beauty in the Beast. Like many little girls, these princesses were who I wanted to be!  


If you asked me as a little girl what I really wanted for my birthday, on the top of the list was always to meet my favourite princess. I had princess themed birthday parties and dressed up myself, but I never got to meet Aurora or Belle. Yet luckily for all the little dreamers here in Ottawa, our partner Little Princess Party Fun is here to bring their dreams to life!


Little Princess Party Fun is a local Ottawa business that has been bringing the magic of Disney princesses to children’s events for over 20 years.  Whether it is a private birthday party, daycare party or holiday party, Little Princess Party Fun brings magic and wonder to any event.  All of their princesses are trained in the arts, so they possess the skills to truly bring these characters to life. Most importantly, they all love to see the smile on a little girl’s face when they see that their favourite princess came to celebrate their special day!


Here at Givopoly, we love that a great service such as this is available right here in Ottawa. That little girls don’t have to take a plane ride just to meet the princesses they love in person. Yet the main reason we are so proud to partner with them is that they care about the Ottawa community as much as we do. They often volunteer their services to brighten the days of children in need through organizations like Make A Wish Foundation, Roger’s House, and the Ottawa’s Children’s Gala. They truly go above and beyond to make all of Ottawa’s children’s dreams come true.  


So the next time you have a little girl who wants to meet her favourite princess, support your local community and let Givopoly and Little Princess Party Fun fill her day with magic. It will be a day she will never forget! 

by Mary-Anne Diebel