Just Because I Love You. August 14 2013

"If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around."

~Hugh Grant, Love Actually


While lazily flipping through my movie selection this past weekend I came across one of my favourite movies, Love Actually. Yes, I know it is a Christmas movie and Christmas is still months away, but this movie reminds me of all the things in life to be happy about. Let’s be honest, we live in a world that sometimes seems to have more wrongs than rights occurring. Just turning on the news can sometimes be disheartening, and leave you wondering what our world has come to. Most importantly, it can leave you wondering where has all the love gone?


Yet as Hugh Grant’s character so provokingly states in the movie’s intro, I would like to argue that love actually is all around us. I see it in the couple that holds hands over the table in a restaurant, and I see it in the mom holding hands with her little one as she walks down the street. I see it in my parents when they are with my niece and in the way they go on and on about how wonderful their little granddaughter is.


I know that love is all around, and even though you see it in all these little nuances of daily life, I also know it is often not expressed enough. It is easily neglected this in this crazy thing we call life. When you have work, family, friends and a million other things to balance, taking the time and effort to remind those of how we feel often falls to the bottom of the To Do List.  We all know we do it, and we all know that we should put more effort in. Whether it’s calling home more often, sending a thank you gift, or just going above and beyond every once in a while; there are many things that we could do to show our love more frequently.

Have no fear; this is a department that we can help. At Givopoly, we have many gift options, big and small, that can be ordered online and hand delivered to your love one. This is an instance where the old saying, “It is the thought that counts” comes into play.  The fact of the matter is receiving a gift for no reason at all can truly mean the world to someone. A little act of love can go a long way, and the wonderful feeling it gives is simply contagious. So today, go above and beyond. Remind that special person just how truly special they are to you with a simple surprise. It is never to late to say, “Just because I love you, and just because you're you.”

By Mary-Anne Diebel