Ottawa Makeover Project August 30 2013


Well friends, we have some very exciting news!  We at Givopoly are proud to announce our participation with the Ottawa Makeover Project!


The Ottawa Makeover Project is designed to help one lucky individual make some positive changes in their life.  Do you know someone who is always putting everyone else first?  Who has lost confidence in their self-image? With so many roles to fill in a day, many feel that they don't have the time or money to make the personal changes that they want to see.  When everyone else constantly needs you, it seems the easiest person to give up on is yourself.  The Ottawa Makeover Project in partnership with Givopoly and five other local businesses, will help make that change happen for one deserving person, helping them feel beautiful and confident inside and out.

Givopoly is thrilled to participate with this amazing project for many reasons!  One of these is that our own business is based on giving, on showing love and gratitude, and making the extra effort for those most important to us.  Whether big or small, it is the effort that counts; and we see the happiness on each person's face when they realize someone made the effort to do something special for them.  We all know someone who does this for everyone else.  This project is about showing them that they deserve to feel that way too!


Do you love this idea as much as we do?! If so, be sure to tune in today, Saturday, August 31st to 580 CHRA Ottawa and listen to Givopoly co-founder Susan Richards chat about everything Givopoly and the Ottawa Makeover Project! Susan will be chatting about how Givopoly will be helping the chosen candidate feel their very best.  We are sure you won't want to miss it! :)


The Ottawa Makeover Project is just beginning, and we will have much more to share as this process continues!  Stay tuned folks.