Sun of a Gun ~ It's time to tan September 02 2013

With the final days of summer winding down and september upon us, it is hard to not feel a tinge of sadness as fall approaches.  The end of summer means saying goodbye to days spent lounging by the pool, swimming at the lake, and rocking a golden tan.  Everybody loves the bit of colour that the sun provides.  That sun kissed glow makes you feel even more confident in your summer attire or your favourite bathing suit.  Yet spending hours in the sun can give you more than just a sunny glow.  Although lazy days spent lounging in the sun is tempting, we know all too well of the many risks involved.


When we hear the warnings of skin cancer and wrinkles to come, more and more people are realizing that the risks of sun tanning do not out wiegh the benefits. If you are anything like me, this has resulted in your turning to drug store instant tanners who promise to give you tanned glowing skin without the risks.  Although these claim to be 'risk free' the orange  tint and streaks tell a different tale.  Looking like an orange zebra was definitely not the answer I was looking for!  Yet my luck has changed thanks to our Partner, Sun of a Gun.

Sun of a Gun is a local Ottawa business that specializes in providing people with natural looking airbrush spray tans.  What this means is that they give you that wonderful golden glow without all the health risks or having to spend hours baking in the sun!  Unlike many of the generic spray tan booths (queue the horrifying image of Ross in the spray tan booth being sprayed a dark orange on the sitcom Friends!), Sun of a Gun provides one-on-one tanning sessions where your spray tan is applied by their professional and qualified technicians.  This ensures no screw-ups, no streaks, and no terrible orange colour!  Using a 100% natural Dermatologist recommended and FDA approached solution that develops with your won skin pigment, the result is a natural looking and even colour every time.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a game changer.  Not only does this amazing service provide you with a safe and fabulous tan in the summer, it can also help you chase the fall/winter blues away and keep you golden brown all year long.  It can give you that extra glow before an event, or just a little extra pick-me-up! This is the perfect gift for that sun worshipper in your life. It allows you to rest at ease knowing that they are staying away from the damaging effects of the sun, while still getting that lovely tan they so desire.  Great for a bride to be, before a vacation, or even a back to school gift to make someone look and feel their best: this is a gift that will leave any recipient happily glowing!  

Check out our Sun of a Gun gift certificates online today and give them a try for yourself!  Happy Bronzing folks! :)

by Mary-Anne Diebel