Have your cake and eat it too! September 09 2013

Who doesn't love to splurge every once in a while and enjoy a delicious baked treat?  Unfortunately, for the many who are bound by a gluten-free diet, this is not an easy feat.  Gluten-free baking products have a reputation of being dry, crumbly, unsatisfying and more often than not- outrageously overpriced!  This left gluten-free eaters living a sad existence - one that didn't include delicious cupcakes, brownies, and muffins!  (How unfair is that?!) Here at Givopoly, we realize that this injustice had to be addressed! Because we believe that everyone deserves to be surprised with delicious treats every once in a while, we are proud to introduce our newest partner, Bez's Gluten-Free!

Bez's Gluten-Free is a bakery that was created specifically to address the disappointing dessert options available to gluten-free individuals.  After searching far and wide, Bez's Gluten-Free owner Samantha realized that no store bought gluten-free baking was as delicious with her homemade recipes.  This became a topic of discussion with her good friend and former pastry chef, Andrea.  After many coffees and many talks, the two finally decided it was time to do something about it!  By combining Samantha's recipes and Andrea's pastry experience, Bez's Gluten Free was born!

Bez's Gluten-Free is a bakery where you can get gluten free baking that actually tastes like the real deal!  Whether you are looking for brownies that are moist and rich; maple walnut tarts that are flaky, moist and crunchy (ALL at the same time!); and delicious sweet bread that is soft and fluffy; Bez's Gluten Free creates mouth watering desserts that everyone, gluten intolerant or not, can enjoy!  They strive to make desserts that are not considered just 'passable' by those who can eat gluten, but immensely enjoyed by anyone regardless of their diet restrictions.

So next time you're ordering a dessert, why not order one that can be enjoyed by everyone?  And if you know a gluten-free friend who is disappointed by the lack of desserts in their life Bez's Gluten-Free owner Samantha was, surprise and delight them with a Givopoly gluten-free gift delivery!  Their tummy and sweet tooth will thank you! :)

by Mary-Anne Diebel