The Baby Show is coming to Ottawa! September 15 2013

Calling all new parents, soon-to-be mommies and families in the Ottawa area!  We at Givopoly are thrilled to announce our partnership and involvement in The Baby Show Ottawa, coming to town this 28th and 29th of September!  The Baby Show is a show catering specifically to young families with children under the age of five, as well as new and expectant parents. The largest show of its kind available in the Ottawa area, it will be an incredibly fun and informative event that covers everything from conception to toddler years.

This event features a wide variety of information and resources that would be beneficial to any new mom or expectant mom.  It will provide insight on anything and everything you will need to prepare for in your child's early years.  The event is kids and family friendly, and is sure to be an outing that everyone will enjoy.

Want to know more?  Here are just some of the things you can expect to experience at The Baby Show:

  • Get answers from industry experts on topics such as postpartum, parenting, what to expect when you're pregnant, and even simple tips on common issues such as sleeping problems, breastfeeding and more.
  • Experience interactive exhibits and hands-on tests of new products and services.
  • Get fashion advice on how to get a fabulous maternity wardrobe on a tight budget, plus tips on how to best dress and accentuate your post baby figure.
  • Get great deals on the hottest new products and specials from businesses, as well as the chance to be entered in some incredible contests!
  • Learn some tips on how to get your nursery just the way you want AND ready in time for baby!

 If this hasn't caught your interest, here are just a few of the main Features that this event boasts:

  • Angelcare Massage Area: Is your body taking a beating during your pregnancy or from constantly carrying around little ones?  Anna Belanger and Associates RMT will be giving complimentary massages designed for both prenatal and postnatal massage.
  • BabyCentre Photo Booth:  Whether it is a picture of your bump or one of the whole family, The Baby Show gives you a chance to strike a pose and get a professional photo to take home with you, for free!
  • Diono Car Seat Clinic:  Did you know that most child passengers in Ottawa are not properly secured in vehicles?  Thanks to Diono, with a ticket to the baby show you can make an appointment to get your car seat professionally installed with S.E.A.T.S for Kids!
  • The Honda Health and Wellness Mat:  Learn about infant massage, get your fitness on with dance, learn to meditate, and join a prenatal yogo class at this great event stop!
  • DK Rest Area and Reading Nook: With so much to see in this event covering 7000 square feet, sooner or later your tired feet will need a break!  The DK Rest Area and Reading Nook is a spacious and comfy place to put up your feet and read a parenting or pregnancy book, or cuddle up with your little one for a storybook break!
  • Tiny Hoppers Fun Zone:  We know better than anyone that little ones can get restless.  Let them burn off some energy in an awesome bouncy castle!  They can also take part in a variety of arts and crafts at this great pit stop.  Regardless of your child's interest, there is something here to keep them entertained!
  • Performanes by Barny and Angelina Ballerina:  Your kids will be thrilled (and entertained!) by a live on stage performance by Barney and the chance to meet Angelina Ballerina!  Talk about fun for the whole family! ;)


And lastly, to make this wonderful event even BETTER:

Do you have your tickets yet?  It's not too late to save $3.00 off by following the instructions found on our website:  And don't forget to drop by and say 'hi'!