What is Givopoly? October 08 2013

As a local Ottawa startup, we love spreading the word and telling people what Givopoly does and what we are all about.  Our last two weekends have been spent talking with some incredible people at both The Baby Show and The National Women's Show- and we enjoyed every second!  We were thrilled to hear that many had heard of us, and that others were so open and receptive.  One of the most common questions we heard over the weekend was "Online Gift Concierge- what exactly is that?"  Well, it is really quite simple, so allow us to explain.

We have all been in the position where we are in need of a gift- whether for a birthday, sympathy, or get well soon- the list of gifting occasions goes on and on!  When these occasions arise people often turn to flowers, and for good reason too.  The ability to order flowers for delivery can drastically save the gift giver's time, and many would agree that the delight of having a gift delivered to someone's door is a pretty great plus! It was from this very premise that the idea for Givopoly was born.

Givopoly's service is very similar, yet instead of just flowers, Givopoly.com has over 1000 gift options for you to choose from for gift delivery.  This means that we save you time, effort (parking in Ottawa alone?!), and give you TONS of options to surprise your loved ones with.  This means you can stand out from the pack and choose a gift that speaks perfectly to the individual and occasion.  We offer everything from gift baskets, wine/beer themed gifts, chocolate-themed gifts, toys for kids and presents for new moms- just to list a few!  We strive to have you covered for any gifting need that may arise.  (And yes- we have flowers too!)

The next question we are often asked is "How do you manage to do this?"  This is one of our favourite questions, as it gives us the chance to explain what we think makes us unique!  Givopoly partners with over 80 fantastic local businesses to make their gifts available online for gift delivery.  So not only do we save you time, but we allow you to support your community and local businesses from the comfort of your own home.  We take their gifts, which are fabulously put together, and make them available to you online- anytime, anywhere.

Lastly, we take care of the delivery!  Our gifts are available for delivery 7 days a week.  No longer do you have to wait for business days to have a gift delivered.  We can deliver a birthday gift on the actual birthday, even if it lands on a weekend.  And for those last minute "Whoops!" moments, (Who can remember all those birthday gifts after all?) we deliver next day if you order before 3pm.  So quite simply, just choose the day you want your gift delivered- whether it is tomorrow, next week, or next month; and we will take care of it!

So ladies and gents, there you have it.  The concept of Givopoly is really quite simple.  We make your life easy by making great gifts from local Ottawa businesses available online for delivery.  We are there for the days you want to plan ahead, and for the days that you need some last minute help.  We help you support the local economy by putting more money back into the Ottawa community and helping small local businesses thrive.  We make sure you are covered in the gifting department and make you look good while doing it!  :)