Scratch Kitchen October 21 2013

Givopoly is always on the hunt for great Ottawa gift ideas.  You can consider us your own personal gift shopper! We take of the gift, putting it together AND having it delivered.  We do this because we understand how busy life can be with work, kids, and committees, and that means you are short on time!  This is where Givopoly comes in handy.


When searching for gifts, we look for a personal touch.  We know that everybody's favourite gifts are the ones that fit their needs and wants; gifts that seem like the perfect match for them and their particular situation.  When we came accross our latest partner, we knew it would be an out-of-the-box gift idea that many would love and appreciate.  So, with great excitement, allow us to introduce the newest addition to Givopoly ~ Scratch Kitchen!


Scratch Kitchen is a local Ottawa family run business that specializes in preparing gourmet frozen meals.  Their frozen meals are made with locally sourced and organic products whenever possible, use less salt, and are made without preservatives or additives. Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are also available, so they can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their personal dietary restrictions.  Most importantly, they provide fast, nutritious, healthy meals that are perfect for families or individuals on the go.  For busy weeks juggling dance recitals, hockey games and business meetings, our Busy Week gift is a great helper!


We sourced these Scratch Kitchen Gifts because we thought they'd make perfect gift ideas paired with some very special deliveries. With the arrival of a new baby, comes less time for cooking but an increased need for nutrition! Busy new Moms and Dads could really appreciate some extra hands in the kitchen.  The Scratch Single Sampler is a perfect 'Mom's helper' gift as the smaller servings can serve as healthy lunches for Mom during the day, and serve as the main feature in a well balanced evening dinner.  So this one gift provides a week's worth of meal boosters allowing Mom more time for what matters most! 


Is someone at work expecting?  Or one of your girlfriends?  Stock Up! is basically the 'large' version of the Scratch Single Sampler and makes an awesome group gift idea.  It is also a fantastic realtor closing gift for a family moving into their new house. Imagine moving into a new home with a stocked freezer?!


These gifts from Scratch Kitchen come in the form of gift certificates that allow the recipients to conveniently schedule delivery themselves, so you needn't worry about the state of their deep freeze or their schedule.


So next time you are looking for gift for someone who never seems to stop, consider these practical gift ideas that may make life a little less chaotic. Because sometimes it is the practical and useful gifts that people appreciate the most. These provide the perfect personal touch and say, “All that you do is amazing. No one deserves a break like you. Hope this makes your days a little easier.”  And you will feel awesome knowing your delicious gift was truly appreciated!