Tips for Gifts October 31 2013

Give a Great Gift Every Time

by Mary-Anne Diebel (Givopoly Communications Coordinator)


We’ve all been stumped one time or another when trying to find the right gift for a loved one. We have all heard the horror stories about when gift giving goes wrong, the times when bad gifts happen to good people. The perfect example- the gift my father gave my mother for their first wedding anniversary. Although I have heard this story many times, I still can’t help but laugh with disbelief every time. To preface this story, let me begin by saying I have always viewed my father as the ultimate romantic. He has always seemed to have the art of gift giving all figured out. Yet as my mother will tell you, this wasn’t always the case. The proof- when nearly 30 years ago, my dad gave my mom a brand spanking new barbeque for their first wedding anniversary. He justified it by saying it was the gift that kept giving- because she was going to receive countless meals from this “great” gift, cooked by her loving hubby. That they would spend many summer nights socializing with friends over a delicious grilled meal.


This is all fine and dandy, but it is quite clear that this is was not a well thought out gift. One would even say it was not really a gift for my mother. She never once expressed an interest in barbequing, and is not exactly a burger or steak fan. This is an instance where the gift giver didn’t put much thought into what the recipient might actually want, need, or benefit from.


We agree that finding that perfect gift is not easy. We’ve all had times where we have racked our brains but still come up with nothing. But we in the gift giving business believe there is a perfect gift for everyone and every occasion out there- so here are some tips and questions to consider when shopping this Christmas season!


  1. Settle on a budget: We can’t emphasis the importance of this! Sure there are gifts we all wish we could buy, (Diamonds! Cars! Designer shoes, bag and clothes!) but reality must to come into play. When you decide on a budget, you can focus your search more effectively. When shopping online, “Shop by Price” sections can help keep you in check!
  2. Consider the personality of the recipient: Are they a hopeless romantic, or are they all about being practical? This can help you decide whether to get them something they will use everyday, or something they have always wanted but couldn’t justify buying for themselves. Some people think jewelry is a frivolous gift; some consider it a treasure that will last a lifetime. Everyone is different.
  3. Do they have a particular interests or hobby? By giving a gift related to a unique interest that they have shows that you pay attention. It may not be a classic gift, but it’s a gift that shows you know who they really are.
  4. Consider what is happening in their life: Have they just bought a new home, had a new baby, or recently retired? Sometimes gifts can be given to fit these big life events. For example, first time homeowner might love some new cookware, where a more established individual might find it impersonal.
  5. Have you been listening? Notice someone mentioning they could really use? Sometime paying attention can be the best tip. Have they been saying they could really use a massage? That they could really use a new watch? The fact that you have picked up on these queues shows you listen, that you take notice.
  6. Think about their personal style: Do they follow trends, or strive to be more unique? Do they wear funky statement jewelry or dainty jewelry? Is there a favourite place that they shop? These are all pieces of info that can lead you to a gift they will love.
  7. What is the message you hope to give: Are you in a new relationship, or serious one? Are you looking for something romantic and deep, or funny and light? Always remember that your gift can say allot about how you feel, so make sure your message is clear.
  8. Consider their personal beliefs: We all have convictions, morals, and beliefs we live by. These can be important factors to consider when choosing a gift. Does the person only shop businesses that support free trade? Do they only use organic products? Do they believe in the important of shopping local? Are there certain causes (i.e. animal rights) that they support?


In the end, we know that there is no real science to finding the perfect gift. Yet considering these questions can help send you in the right direction! The fact that you have thought about their personality, wants, needs, interests, and beliefs when choosing their gift is what will touch their heart. It will make them feel valued and loved, which is what gift giving is all about.