Send them a Care Package! September 19 2016

Now that the leaves have started changing and September is almost through, those attending school are probably well into their coursework, buried in assigned readings, and already thinking about when they're going to have time to write that paper or study for that midterm. 



We've curated this collection of local gifts with the busy university student in mind! We asked ourselves, "what do we wish we had during that time?" and, "what are their parents and friends most likely to send them?" Best of all, for a limited time we're offering free delivery with the discount code CarePackagePlease.


Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box

Locally roasted coffee beans, preserves, jams, chocolate, brownies, hot sauce, salsa...a perfect little stock of local food goodies and snacks!

Fresh Veggie Basket

Want to make sure they're getting their fresh veggies? This basket is prepared and delivered freshly right from a local market. Nutrition guaranteed. We've also got a fresh fruit basket available.

Harvey & Vern's Soda

This delicious old fashioned soda is prepared right here in Ottawa in a beer brewery! Harvey & Vern's is a non-alcoholic crowd favourite. Delivered in a handrafted wooden carrier complete with a chalkboard side.

Mopify Top to Bottom Home Cleaning

Are they sharing an apartment with some fellow students? We all know how stressful coming home to a messy house can be...Treat them to a Home Cleaning service!

Thyme For Brunch

Already prepared and ready to just pop in the oven, this gift is perfect for students who don't have time to prepare good wholesome food. White chocolate cranberry scones, quiche, pie...healthy, homemade & convenient!

Get Well Soon

We know that stress, the weather changing, and being exposed to germs in a big new environment can bring on some nasty colds & flus...but this mega Get Well Soon gift basket will help them rest & recover.


Help them get to class on time with a made in Canada Timberwatch! Modern, stylish, practical and local.

Break Time Bag

More like Study Time! This bag of freshly baked muffins and scones (and a jam) is perfect to keep them fuled for study sessions.