Gourmet Food Baskets for Holiday Parties November 09 2016


As we make our way into November, many of us are thinking, “help!” for figuring out what the heck to get during the upcoming gift-giving, potluck-going, party-hopping season. Getting that shopping list done, and figuring out what to get for all of those holiday parties can be a challenge. Well, don’t fret! There’s no better way to make your shopping easier than by having all of the work done for you with the simple touch of a button.

If you’re in search of some gourmet food baskets for this upcoming holiday season, here are some ideas that will send the perfect sentiment, while saving you plenty of time and aggravation in busy shopping malls.



Gourmet Treasury

For that special someone, or even the co-worker two cubicles over, the Gourmet Treasury Basket by Cranberry Corners has you covered. Decked out with spiced Mediterranean olives, a delicious pub cheese blend, snacks, nuts and sweat treats, this gift basket is a crowd pleaser. It’s the perfect display that will make your hostess or (even your boss), take notice of your thoughtfulness.



Nut-Free Donuts

The reality of sharing an office space and holiday parties with co-workers who may have food sensitivities or severe nut allergies is a serious matter to consider when deciding what to bring along for the office party. But thanks to The Cake Shop, they’ve already taken that into consideration for you. Sweat and tasty, gourmet nut-free donuts that you can bring along to any holiday party, while considering the sensitivity (and safety) of others. It’s a win-win!



Classic Dipped Bouquet

Sure, the holidays are all about indulging when you can and embracing a few more inches around the waistline – it’s all part of the fun! But, there may come a time when you’d rather opt for a slightly healthier option at the office potluck. With Fruit Couture’s Classic Dipped Bouquet, you can dive into a delightful bouquet of fresh fruit, including fresh, chocolate-dipped strawberries.



Sprinkled Cupcake Bouquet

If you’re looking to add a touch of decadence to the table, the Sprinkled Cupcake Bouquet offered by Fruit Couture provides you and the party crowd with an arrangement filled with fresh fruit, along with sprinkled cupcake-shaped pineapple, and some decadent chocolate-dipped delights. That’s a healthy snack option for the potluck, right?!

Get online to Ottawa’s best gift delivery service, Givopoly! Get on with your day knowing that when the holiday parties arrive, you will have your holiday gift baskets prepped and ready to go!