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Bucket of Beer


With lots of beer and chips, this Bucket of Beer is great for a guy or a group celebration! The lively assortment of munchies includes lots of snack items as well as 6 tall boy cans of 4 domestic and 2 imported beers.  Whatever your reason for sending this gift, it is going to be a big hit!


This bucket includes:


  • Custom Made Designer Bow and Decorations
  • Large Natural Wood Bushel Basket with Side Handles (13" diameter)
  • Lots of beer, 6 in total; (Corona, Heineken, Molson, Labatt, Keith, and Budweiser light beer)
  • Lots of snacks: Pretzels, Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Skin Snacks, Caramel Almond Popcorn, Slow Roasted Peanuts, BBQ Peanuts, Salty Pepper Toasted Grain Snacks, Somersaults With Sea Salt, 2 Blue Diamond Smoked Almond Sleeves, 2 Bags Hawkins Cheesies



Pricing   Givopoly is providing a concierge service for this gift, purchasing the beer on behalf of you (our customer).  Givopoly makes no profit off the price of the beer.  


Regulations: The recipient, by law, must be 19 years of age, therefore, the delivery agent is obligated to confirm age (photo ID needed) and obtain signature before handing over the order. This gift is for sale within Ontario only.



***PLEASE NOTE: Cranberry Corners is only open MONDAY TO FRIDAY. Therefore, no deliveries will be made from this vendor over the weekends. 



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