A Quest in Time


Gift an UrbanQuest gift card and create an exciting experience to explore the city using a clue package.  This clue package will lead the way as 'players' solve fun puzzles and see interesting sights.  

A Quest in Time: We think history and food make a great combo.  So, hop aboard our time-travelling Quest and get whisked back to important events from Canada's yesteryear.  Then, finish off your journey into antiquity with some good eating - mmm mmm. 


What's in the box? Your recipient will receive a packaged gift certificate and instructions on how to collect their clues for this  Quest.   

UrbanQuest is a fun, unique way to explore a city.  Designed for small groups of up to 4 people, a clue package guides groups to city sights through a series of puzzles.  Groups will see historic sites, solve fun puzzles, and learn interesting facts along the way.  Teams can be directed to a mystery restaurant for lunch or dinner after the Quest.  (Reservation is optional and meal costs are extra). 

Walking distance 2-3km

Location: Westboro

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Note: The cost of meal not included.


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