Cloud B Tranquil Frog


Tranquil Frog is a multi-sensory plush night light, sound soother, and calming companion all in one. With the touch of a button, Tranquil Frog projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays either white noise or a soft lullaby to help ease children to sleep. Turn any room into a peaceful oasis with this soothing gift.


  • 2 relaxing light effects
  • Projects underwater effect with a gentle wave motion
  • Shell glows in lilypad green
  • Plays 2 soothing sounds - Ocean Waves or Seaside Serenade
  • 23 minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence during child's deep sleep, as recommended by paediatricians
  • Choice of 2 melodies with 6 adjustable volume levels
  • Adjustable settings for brightness and movement create a fully controllable experience for various environments
  • Premium quality construction
  • Suitable for all ages


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