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Romantic Duo - Renée Yoxon & Blue Gypsy Wines


A Valentine's Day date night in can be a sweet alternative to restaurant lines and crowds. How about gifting a bottle of Blue Gypsy's Raspberry Wine paired with the sweet sounds of Renée Yoxon and Mark Ferguson's new CD called Here We Go Again which are certain to set the right mood. This album of original jazz music.  Click here to sample the music.

Twenty something vocalist Renée Yoxon is a central figure in Ottawa’s jazz scene thanks to her grace, captivating presence and beautiful voice. In only a few short years, Renée has firmly established herself as a musician dedicated to the art of jazz singing.

With a deep flavour and body, Raspberry Wine is the quintessential dessert wine with a medium medium-high acidity, and a sweetness level of 5/10. It is best served at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celcius (room temperature or slightly cooler). Pair it with vanilla ice-cream or brie, feta or goat cheeses. Raspberry wine reduces to a richly flavoured and colourful coulee that is delicious drizzled over ice cream.

375ml - 11% alc Sweetness level of 2-3 and a low to medium acidity.

Situated on ten acres of fertile, pesticide-free farmland, formerly part of an 1800s apple orchard just outside Ottawa, Blue Gypsy Wines has been proven to produce and sell some of the finest fruit and blended wines in the emerging eastern Ontario wine region. They take care not to add any additional sulfites in the production of their wine to keep the process as natural as possible. They grow their own fruit and do their best to limit exposure to pesticides. And if this isn't ambitious enough, Blue Gypsy Wines is completely off-grid. The winery's building is constructed of metal for minimal maintenance, has radiant (in-floor) heating, and is powered by a combination of solar panels and wind generators and a pellet stove, with back-up generators on standby for emergencies.

Pricing: Givopoly is providing a concierge service for this gift, purchasing the wine on behalf of you (our customer). Givopoly makes no profit off the price of the wine. Pricing is $15.20 for the wine and $3.79 for gift wrapping.

Regulations: The recipient, by law, must be 19 years of age, therefore, the delivery agent is obligated to confirm age (photo ID needed) and obtain signature before handing over the order. This gift is for sale within Ontario only.

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