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The Ritz


An elegant wine and gourmet gift basket which is always in good taste! The contemporary spun gold round dolomite container is loaded with premium gourmet food. This sophisticated selection offers premium Artisan 5 year old fresh cheddar cheese, premium duck rilettes (pate) and chocolate laced orange crisp cookies plus additional fine foods.  


This gift selection includes:


  • Cellier Des Dauphins Carte Noire 2012
  • Cotes Due Rhone Red Wine
  • Artisan Fresh 5 Year Old Cheddar in Designer Box
  • Duck Rilettes (Upscale Pate)
  • Premium Water Crackers
  • Mrs. McGarrigle's Tarragon Honey Glazed Mustard
  • Tamari Almonds in Black Designer Sleeve
  • White Pistachios
  • Imported Chocolate Laced Orange Cookies
  • Lindor Chocolate Truffles
  • Chocolate Laced Cappuccino Wafer Rolls
  • Signatures Ultimate Chocolate Pate
  • Chocolate Truffles in Gold Bow Box



Pricing   Givopoly is providing a concierge service for this gift, purchasing this beer basket on behalf of you (our customer).  Givopoly makes no profit off the price of the wine.  


Regulations: The recipient, by law, must be 19 years of age, therefore, the delivery agent is obligated to confirm age (photo ID needed) and obtain signature before handing over the order. This gift is for sale within Ontario only.




***PLEASE NOTE: Cranberry Corners is only open MONDAY TO FRIDAY. Therefore, no deliveries will be made from this vendor over the weekends. 



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