Choosing Christmas Gift Baskets for the Whole Family

Ottawa holiday gift basket

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for a family?

Puzzled as to what kind of gift can work for everyone?

Why not give a Christmas gift basket?!

Finding the right gift for one person can be enough of a challenge. Giving one gift for an entire household is an even more daunting prospect.

Christmas gift baskets are the perfect solution!

By giving a holiday gift basket, you’re letting that special family know that you’ve gone out of your way to get something for each family member.

What kind of Christmas gift basket is right for your recipients? That’s what we’ll be delving into in this edition of the Givopoly Ottawa gift basket blog.

Christmas gift basket with gingerbread manFood is Always a Hit for Holiday Gift Baskets

They say that food is the fastest way to a person’s heart. 

If you want to touch the hearts of an entire family at the holidays, a Christmas gift basket filled with food is a wonderful idea. But we're always asked, what type of food basket is right for your gift?

Chocolates & Sweets: Christmas Gift Basket Indulgence

Chocolates and sweets are an especially nice touch at Christmastime.

Oh sure, we’ve got the other 11 months or so on the calendar to eat healthy and be careful with our eating habits. But it’s the holidays, after all, a time to indulge and enjoy the finer things in life.

Christmas gift basket with cupcakes

From milk and dark chocolates to gingerbread cookies (an all-time favourite for Christmas gift baskets) to cakes, cookies and other foods that tickle the sweet tooth, this category of holiday gift basket ideas is sure to please.

One thing to consider is whether you want to give a Christmas basket of sweets that have a particular holiday theme, or just go with more year-round chocolates and other sweet extravagances.

Another factor is addressing what kind of sweets are best for a whole family. Christmas gift baskets are a great way to combine several items into one gift. Perhaps it’s dark chocolate for the parents, for example, mixed in a holiday gift basket with cupcakes and/or gingerbread cookies.

When it comes to combined Christmas gift baskets, the permutations are practically limitless.

Other Food Ideas for Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift basket with food and wine

What if your recipients aren’t into sweets? Or perhaps one of them is diabetic or has other dietary concerns?

Beyond chocolates and sweets, the food category for holiday gift baskets has plenty of other options.

Snacks are a great item in a Christmas gift package. Choose from a variety of savoury snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, chips and other favourites.

Want to give a holiday basket that’s a little healthier? No shame in staying fit at Christmastime! Fresh fruit baskets are an excellent choice.

Christmas gift basket with honey and sweets

From fruit bouquets to Christmas baskets filled with a variety of fruits that are sure to please and provide healthful benefits, this is a holiday gift basket idea that will say you care.

Beyond eating, there’s also beverage baskets for the holidays. In particular, Christmas gift baskets for a family can include coffee or beer/wine – for the adults in the household, of course.

Just be sure to include other items in the holiday basket (such as chocolates or sweets) that are appropriate for the kids in the home. If everyone in the family are of age, though, you can go all in on a Christmas basket that’s got craft beer, wine or coffee.

Non-Food Items: Christmas Gift Baskets That Go Beyond Eating

Christmas gift basket with poinsettias

We’ve been talking a lot about food in this Christmas basket blog. And with good reason, as food and the holidays are seemingly intertwined.

But you don’t “have to” give the gift of food with your Christmas gift basket.

Flowers, for example, are always a nice option for holiday gift baskets. From wreaths and poinsettias to roses and much more, flower gift baskets are always a memorable item.

Another holiday gift basket that can last through the winter (and beyond) are candles. With a variety of scents, shapes and light configurations, candles add a warm and elegant touch to a home.

Ottawa Christmas Gift Baskets from Givopoly: The Local Touch

When it comes to Christmas Gift Baskets in Ottawa, count on Givopoly to deliver quality with a local touch.

We’ve got a wide variety of holiday gift baskets for all families, from chocolates and sweets to coffee, flowers and more.

Plus, our holiday basket focus is on “giving local” – stemming from our business model which encourages gift giving of products that are sourced locally here in Ottawa and around the region.

To find out more and to get started, check out our Christmas Gift Basket section for ideas that are sure to please any family.

And from our family to yours, a joyous holiday season of giving and sharing!