Best Housewarming Gift Baskets 2022

Welcome To The Neighborhood!

Housewarmings are a very special occasion for a new homeowner! It is always so exciting to see a loved one take a big step in life, they should be celebrated for it. Givopoly has the perfect gift baskets to show your loved one just how much they mean to you, and how happy you are for them. Offering a wide range of hand curated basket styles, you will be able to find the perfect something special for your loved one, while supporting local vendors!

Why Choose a Local Ottawa Gift Basket For Your Loved Ones Housewarming?

There are plenty of reasons to support local vendors by purchasing their gift baskets! For example, if your loved one is moving from out of town it is the perfect way to welcome them to their new city. You have the opportunity to give them a taste of what to expect from Ottawa's multi multifaceted culture.

If you are going out of town to celebrate a loved one's house warming, bringing a little piece of home with you is an excellent idea! Give them a gift basket from a local Ottawa vendor to show them you are proud of your city, and this gift will be sure to show them why.

It is so important to support local vendors. Givopoly is proud to help with this effort by offering the highest quality gift baskets, hand curated by our amazing local vendors.

Top 10 Gift Baskets To Help Make Your Loved Ones New House a Home

1. Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box, $70

This gift basket offers gourmet local spices, jams and more for the foodie in your life. Ottawa is so lucky to offer so many locally sourced and home grown products are sure to impress even the pickiest of eaters! Depending on how many people are moving into the new home, you can choose from 4 different sizes of gift baskets so there will be something for everyone. Shop our wide variety of food baskets we offer at Givopoly today!


2. Maple Leaf Maple Burl Rollerball or Fountain Pen, $165

The perfect gift for an aspiring author or a burgeoning businessman! Made with locally sourced Maple Burl, this pen is designed for a lifetime of memories. Available as a rollerball or as a fountain pen, give the gift of memories with a custom made, handcrafted pen from Givopoly. 



3. Dream Breakfast, $63

The best way to start your first day in a new house is with a decadent breakfast of scones, croissants and three conchas! Treat your loved one with a delicious surprise they will not soon forget. Check out all the other delicious gourmet gift basket options we have to offer at Givopoly now!




4. Luxe Garden Box, $115

Give a gift that is as beautiful as the house your loved one is moving into with the Luxe Garden Box offered at Givopoly! Offering a gorgeous mix of seasonal blooms, this gift is Aesthetically pleasing, and truly reflects the beauty of our great city. Look at our other botanical delights we have to offer at Givopoly!




5. Spice Mills, $80

Spices that tie together so many popular dishes are salt and pepper. Similarly, what ties together a brand new kitchen are a pair of handcrafted, locally sourced spice mills! Choose the size of spice mill you desire, and give your loved one the gift of spice for their housewarming. Check out what other crafted cooking essentials we have to offer at Givopoly now!





6. Prosecco Bloom Box, $140

Moving into a new home is always a cause for celebration, and what says this more than a box of beautiful multicoloured, locally grown roses and a bottle of Prosecco to pop! The Prosecco bloom box is the perfect present for your loved one who just moved into their first home, or made the move to live alone for the first time! Life is about creating memories, and the Prosecco bloom box offered by Givopoly will inspire just that.



7. Luxe Balloon Bouquet: Rose Gold, White, Silver, $55

A housewarming party can be stressful for a new homeowner, which is why bringing a decorative, locally assembled luxury balloon bouquet will be the perfect gift to put your guests mind at ease! Bring the party to the housewarming and show your loved one what they mean to you. Check out our other party starters we offer at Givopoly!






8. Yasmine Unicorn, $14

Everybody deserves a warm welcome to their new home, no matter how old! Treat your little one to a handpicked and assembled unicorn themed loot bag! Complete with a unicorn figurine, wand and crayons to let their imaginations run wild, this is the perfect gift for that little special someone. Check out the other themed loot bags we offer at Givopoly!




9. 12 Mini Cannelloni, $19

Nothing beats homemade Italian desserts, and our offering of a dozen cannelloni is no exception! Made locally with the freshest ingredients, you can indulge your taste buds with a locally made taste of Italy! Check out the other decadent desserts we offer at Givopoly now!






10. Triple Berry Crisp Pie, $27

Nothing says welcome home like the smell of a fresh pie ready to be enjoyed! Treat your loved one to a local, handmade delicacy with a triple berry crisp pie! Made with locally grown blueberries, black berries and raspberries this pie has proven time and time again that there is no place like home. Check out the other sweet treats we have available in our housewarming gift baskets!

Celebrate A Housewarming With A Local Gift Basket!

Housewarmings are an excellent time to celebrate your loved ones accomplishments. Whether it be their first home, or their dream home Givopoly has a gift basket for every occasion! It can be a decadent breakfast basket, or a prosecco and flowers box!  Don't wait, shop now to discover the many possibilities with Givopoly!