New Year's Gift Baskets to Get Started in Style

champagne from new years gift basket

Thinking about giving a New Year’s gift basket?

Looking for the right way to start off someone’s new year in style?

Or maybe you’re not sure what to give or why you would give a New Year’s gift basket?

With Christmas in the rearview mirror, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are the perfect way to start off the new year right! Everyone is in a festive mood, and the spirit of giving and generosity go right along with that. 

Whether you missed a Christmas gift or just want to make somebody’s year, a New Year’s gift basket is a great way to ring in the new year. We’ve got some ideas for a variety of price ranges for New Year’s gift baskets in this edition of the Ottawa gift basket blog. 

Why Give a New Year's Gift Basket?

You’ve just got through giving all of your Christmas and holiday gifts.

That means it’s time to party and ring in the new year in style, right?

Well, sure… absolutely! 

It’s also a great time to continue that spirit of giving, and ensure that friends, colleagues, clients and loved ones can ring in their new year in style as well. That’s where a New Year’s gift basket comes in.

Two Types of New Year’s Gift Baskets: Eve & Beyond

When it comes to a New Year’s gift box, there are really two ways to go. 

One option is to give someone a gift that they can use and enjoy on New Year’s Eve. An alternative is a gift basket that they can receive on New Year’s Day and enjoy well into the new year.

For New Year’s Eve, of course what comes to mind for most people in Ottawa and around eastern Ontario and Quebec is champagne… or sparkling wine, if you will.

A gift basket with a bottle of bubbly as a centrepiece goes a long way to letting someone know you wanted in a year to start in style. It doesn’t have to be just sparkling wine, however, the champagne gift basket can also contain chocolates, flowers, and really an endless line of possibilities when it comes to accompanying that bottle.

For a New Year’s gift basket to be delivered on or just before New Year’s Day, you’ve got many choices to help that certain someone start their new year off right.

As is the case with other types of gift baskets, the important thing to do is to consider the gift recipient and what their tastes, styles, and desires happen to be. 

Getting a New Year’s gift basket for a foodie friend, colleague or client? Edible ideas are well featured in gift baskets.

From chocolates and cookies to popcorn, cupcakes, sweet and savoury snacks and many other delights, a New Year’s gift basket filled with food is sure to please most anyone. Some gift baskets and gift boxes combine food and wine, food and beer, food and champagne, etc.

New Year’s Gift Boxes without Food

Looking to go beyond food and beverage?

No problem, you've still got plenty of choices when it comes to getting the right New Year’s gift.

Flowers are a timeless way of gift giving, and New Year’s is no exception. Choose a gift basket of fresh flowers in a bright, colourful arrangement to help someone start their New Year’s off in style. you can even combine flowers and wine, flowers and champagne, etc.

Other New Year’s gift basket ideas include self-care gifts, pet care gifts, aromatherapy, books, balloons, toys, and many other New Year’s gift box possibilities.

Let Givopoly Deliver on Your New Year’s Gift Box Idea

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To get started on selecting your New Year’s gift basket, browse a wide selection of gift box ideas. We wish you and yours all the very best in the new year ahead.